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'Hivron Horse Haven'


Nova at Hivron
May 2014: I go to check on the horses and find my mare barely able to take a step, holding right front foot off the ground. Farrier and own vet are stumped. Hay Vets arrive with X-ray machine and the diagnosis is annular ligament damage needing extended box rest. Not having suitable facilities, I do a web search and find Hivron, unbelievably only 20 minutes away. It would have been worth travelling 20 hours! Rachel has just picked up all the responsibility of managing Nova’s recovery, and keeping a horse used to living out content in spite of her confinement. She has been completely flexible with arrangements, even accepting Nova’s companion pony for a brief stay at short notice, when he would have been otherwise alone.
February 2015 and they have just returned home. Though glad to have them back, I would be completely happy to use Hivron for their eventual retirement. I hope never to need the convalescence package again, but have no hesitation in recommending it to any horse owner who needs it. Thanks so much, Rachel and team at Hivron.

Jane, Llanir

May '14 to March '15


Finding Rachel and Hivron Horse Haven has been an absolute godsend for me - when I accepted an exciting new job opportunity 2 years ago I knew that I would have to try and find somewhere safe for my horse Harry, who was at that time on the verge of retirement.   I did not want to sell or lose contact with him and I was so lucky to find Rachel; Harry has never been happier and I am relaxed in the knowledge that he could not be in a safer, kinder and wiser pair of hands.  I really look forward to my visits, the spectacular scenery, fresh air, catching up with all the news on Harry's friends and always a welcome cup of tea.  I fully appreciate and admire the hard work that Rachel puts in to Hivron Horse Haven and horse welfare and have no hesitation in recommending her care to anyone looking for a loving home or holiday for their horse."

Angela, Gloucestershire

Hivron Horse Haven is exactly as it says..a horse haven!
Rachel has had a number of our R.S.P.C.A horses and ponies in her care for the last 3 years.
She has provided a loving and caring home which is so important to their health and well-being.
Some have been very badly neglected and Rachel has given them the care and attention needed to bring them back to full health.
Rachel also has 5 of our elderly ponies who are with her for life. She is providing them with a happy and relaxed home, which they love!
We are extremely grateful for the amazing work that Rachel and her team do for our special horses and ponies. She has given them the life they
deserve after so much hardship.

Kaythrn Jones
Equine Manager of A Registered Horse Charity  

We have a 16.3hh thoroughbred who had a very nasty injury to his hock.  Due to this injury he had spent almost three months on box rest.  As he started to improve we were asked by the vet to start leading him out to see how his leg reacted.  At the time I was recovering from a back problem and so it was left to my 15 year old daughter to lead Sid out of his box.  The vet had stressed that this needed to be controlled and built up from a few minutes each day.  Unfortunately the vet had not told Sid this!  As one would expect Sid greeted the freedom from his box with huge enthusiasum and I was very worried about my daughter getting hurt and Sid affecting his recovery. 
I contacted Rachel Holman in desperation and asked if she would have Sid during his convalescence.  I do not think I would have managed without her.  She liased with the vet and found a very large box for Sid to walk around in.  She built up his exercise each day and kept it controlled.  Eventually it built up to Rachel lunging Sid to rebuild his muscles and his leg.  Sid remained in superb condition, he was always well groomed and his stable was superb.  He even had his mane pulled before he came home.
Sid is now back in work and looking forward to the future after what was a life threatening injury.  I will always be grateful to Rachel and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone whose horse needed box rest or bringing back into work.

Julie Brookes

When my 26-year-old chestnut mare Crystal got too arthritic to carry me around on her back any more, I sent her to Hivron Horse Haven. She had worked so hard for me over the years that she deserved a really lovely place in which to retire.

Hivron is a very beautiful place for a horse to live and Rachel is excellent at caring for the horses and relating to their owners. Rachel’s knowledge, experience, expertise and love of horses helped Crystal enjoy a happy retirement. Crystal looked relaxed and happy while maintaining her muscle bulk and condition – not bad for a grand old lady! Rachel kept in touch with me on a regular basis so that I was reassured that my horse was being given five-star treatment. I visited Crystal regularly and knew that she was having the retirement she deserved. When Crystal died, Rachel was compassionate, professional, supportive and more than helpful.

Thanks to Rachel, Hivron is a fantastic place to send your horse – I have no hesitation in recommending it to other horse owners. When my current horse (Bertie) needs rest, recuperation or retirement, I will definitely send him to Hivron.

Dr Jane Harrop-Griffiths


Dear Rachel,

It is now 2 ½ years since Finn and Murphy came to you for retirement.

It was a difficult decision to send them away as I’ve always wondered if it’s the right thing to retire horses as they might be unhappy having had interesting working lives.

How wrong could I have been!!! The care and attention that they get from being in a home environment has been so wonderful for them and far better than the other homes I’d considered where they would run with a herd and not get the sort of t.l.c. they were used to at home with me.

It is such a pleasure to see them so well and happy in their retirement, I expect they’ll go on for years now! I am so grateful to you as I know I don’t ever have to worry about them and I know that all their needs are catered for.

Many thanks again,

With best wishes,

Roz Kadir