Monty & Emma's Sunblock - 'Their Story'
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 My Introduction:

    If you have just joined us on this page here is a quick introduction.  My name is Rachel and I run and own Hivron Horse Haven.       We are a livery yard for retired horses and also offer rehabilitation of horses recovering from injuries and operations.  We also do rehabilitation livery for a horse charity and take in rescued horses and ponies, rehabilitate them, physically and mentally so that they can be rehomed to loving experienced homes.

     My husband Andy and I have two daughters Kirsty and Emma, both girls are pony mad, just as well really!   Emma,  just over a year ago when she was 10 years old had a tragic loss. Her super pony Kandy was staked in the stomach as they were ambling up a farm track. After two operations and a week later her dear pony passed away at the surgery.   We were all devastated, but poor Em, such a hard, cruel thing to happen for a child so young to come to terms with.


    This awful incident happened on Valentine ’s Day.   Just over a month later I went to collect two rescue ponies for the charity to rehabilitate, one of which was a 14.2hh 15 year old skewbald called Monty. We wormed him, treated his terrible rain scald and quietly watched him gain in condition. Em took a shine to him and pleaded with me to let her ride him, well of course being the responsible parent it was me who had to be the guinea pig!


monty and emma

Monty and Emma


    A year and a half on and Monty is a very important member of our family. He has been such a success that I still cannot believe how lucky we were for him to have found us, let alone the timing of his appearance here.  We were all still numb at the loss of Kandy and I had not even thought of how I was going to find a replacement for him.





The Creation Of Monty and Emma's Organic


But First You Must...

Meet Monty:


     Monty is a 15 year old 14.2hh skewbald gelding, who has got lots of character to keep Emma on her toes!.   He has a lot of pink skin, his nose area is all pink. Last summer the weather for GB was a pretty good one, but not if you are a pony like Monty, who has a very sensitive pink nose. When we first adopted Monty it was at the beginning of the Spring.  When the sun became stronger his poor nose blistered easily and was very sore.   I'd never seen such a quick and severe reaction to the sun.

     My friend Jo, makes all her own organic skin care products, growing and harvesting a lot of her own ingredients. She sells her products under the brand name of Earthbound Organics.   Jo very quickly came to the rescue and cleverly made a sunblock especially for Monty, lucky chap, she also made it fragrance free so as not to interfere with Monty’s sensitive sense of smell.     I apply it first thing in the morning and about 6.00 in the evening if wall to wall sunshine. Now Monty has a beautiful pink nose all the time with no blistering.



     We have a lot of coloured rescue horses and  I apply our sunblock on a regular basis, well that is of course when the sun shines!.  Sometimes horses arrive with very blistered noses and Monty and Emma's sunblock soothes and heals the blistering within a few days.



2014-06-09 09.59.49-1


    As a family we all use it.    On holiday in sunny Bulgaria where the sun was very strong. It was fantastic, no burning, but we still developed a healthy glow.

    Of course the next development is to share this wonderful product. The coming about of this sunblock is quite personal so we felt we had to call it:

'Monty and Emma’s Organic Sun Protection for Horse and Rider.'

Below is a list of the ingredients used to make this superb product:

  • Zinc Oxide               -  A broad spectrum blocker, protecting skin from UVA, UVB and     UVC.
  • Organic coconut oil   -  A natural sunscreen and sun tolerance, has a soothing effect on sensitive and irritated skin.
  • Sesame Oil               -  A natural sun protection factor due to the vitamin E it contains, which is a natural antioxidant
  • Rice Ban Oil              -  Absorbs UV rays and helps prevent oxidation
  • Beeswax                   -  A protective barrier for the skin, but still allowing the skin to breath. Retains moisture and has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-allergenic properties making it beneficial for wound healing
  • Organic Aloe Vera     -  Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial, soothing and calming to the skin.
  • Preservative Eco

I have put a few pointers together of the great things I love about Monty and Emma's Sunblock:

  • An Effective Organic Sunblock made for both Horse and Rider
  • It is approx. 30spf – 98% sunblock
  • Can be applied to sunburnt, irritated or broken skin
  • There has been no fragrance added so as not to interfere with the horses sense of smell
  • Contained in a strong handy pocket size 150ml tin
  • Soothes fly bites especially horse fly bites
  • Water Resistant
  • Safe and Effective
  • The tin container is safe and strong to use around animals
  • Will not harm if ingested
  • Biodegradable

   I know the proof of the pudding etc.  so here are a couple of reviews of Monty and Emma's Sunblock:

"Absolutely fantastic. My pony had a very bad reaction a few years ago and has bad skin damage on his nose. He now needs a lot of maintance face masks and sting creams to avoid any more damage from the uv rays. I started to use monty and Emma cream as I found the one prescribed to be harsh and although prevented any more damage his nose was dry and still looked sore somtimes. Monty and Emma's sunblock put on every day has given him a healthy pink nose, that feels moisturised as well as protected from the sun, and even a little regrowth of his whiskers that where none existent before due to the damaged skin. Soo pleased!!"  Amy


"Having spoken to Jo at Earthbound Organics we ordered this sunblock for my daughter's impetigo (which she has had for 2 years) all i can say is IT WORKS!!! at first it did sting but we persevered and by day 3 most of the impetigo had gone. It was amazing . We used this sunblock,combined with herbal tincture made up by a medical herbalist! I cannot recommend this highly. We have tried many many things, but this one definitely works "


Monty and Emma's sunblock is sold in 150ml tins at £14 inc. postage. If you would like to order some please click on the Buy Now button below and on confirmation of the order I will be happy to dispatch some to you.





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